Knotty Kurl™ Detangling Wash does triple duty as cleanser, oil-free rinse-out conditioner  and leave-in conditioner. When it comes to tangled hair, a 'gently does it' approach works better than prying open stubborn knots with your finger or comb.  This 3-in-1 detangling cleanser softens knots while being gentle on your hair. It's your stress-free solution for locks that behave well, bounce and retain their shine all day! The Organic Aloe Juice in Knotty Kurl™ Detangling Wash moisturizes and detangles all types of hair. It also works to reduce dryness and helps brittle hair regain moisture. Peppermint Leaf Extract stimulates the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.  Horsetail Leaf Extract can help to repair damaged hair and help it grow healthier.  Yucca Leaf Extract helps hair loss or hair thinning.  Although it's not a cure for baldness, the root extracts help stimulate the scalp.  It contains saponins, which are cleansers that reduce inflammation, itchiness, and dandruff.  The ingredients come together to provide slip for detangling and they loosen knots without the heaviness of conditioners or oils. Knotty Kurl™ Detangling Wash has a thick, creamy and opaque texture. It is just the effective and quick-fix solution for detangling your locks.