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Our Story


The Inspiration Behind Vanessa's Essence Natural Hair Care


Vanessa, a typical young girl residing in a Florida suburb, found herself among the many American youths subjected to bullying. However, alongside the torment came an unexpected silver lining: support and motivation from both acquaintances and strangers. This ordeal prompted Vanessa's mother to channel her inspiration into a positive endeavor for other girls. Moreover, a noticeable gap exists in the market for natural hair care products tailored to girls, specifically catering to the enhancement and fortification of naturally coily, curly, wavy, and kinky textured hair. This gave rise to the inception of Vanessa's Essence Natural Hair Care.

The primary objective of the company is to instill self-love and a genuine embrace of one's natural self in young girls. Simultaneously, the company aims to combat the issue of bullying by initiating dialogues that shed light on the severe consequences of such behavior. The company seeks to provide both encouragement and resources to bolster the confidence and self-esteem of young girls.

Vanessa’s Essence Social Mission


The United States is grappling with a severe issue of bullying, particularly among girls who face taunts due to their natural appearance. In some extreme instances, this relentless bullying leads to tragic outcomes like suicides. Alongside delivering top-notch natural hair care products, Vanessa’s Essence takes an active stance in urging girls to not only acknowledge but also embrace their authentic selves. In the midst of bullying and societal pressures to conform to conventional beauty standards, we stand as advocates for celebrating natural beauty.

In pursuit of our mission, Vanessa’s Essence Natural Hair Care diligently connects with young girls and their families, fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity. We are committed advocates for the natural hair community, using our voice to declare that wearing afro-textured hair and embracing natural afros is not merely a trend but a cherished facet of a culturally rich and exquisite heritage. Our company collaborates with nonprofit organizations that conduct self-esteem and anti-bullying workshops for youth. We actively engage in the Bring Out the Dolls initiative, which gathers and donates dolls to bolster endeavors that promote self-acceptance. Moreover, we have established a partnership with, an anti-bullying organization, and proudly bear the title of Champion Against Bullying.

Our Natural Hair Care Products

Vanessa’s Essence Natural Hair Care wants to help young girls with wavy, curly, coily and afro-textured hair to understand and love the hair that was given to them naturally.  We worked with experts to develop a special a line of natural hair care products just for girls. We use only the finest natural and organic ingredients that work best for thick, curly, coily, kinky and wavy hair. Here are some of the nourishing ingredients you will find in our products: Organic Coconut Oil infused with Grape Seed Oil, Capuacu Butter, Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Mango Butter, Manuka Honey, and Yucca Leaf Extract.

Our products are compliant with US Food and Drug Administration Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards.

Currently, Vanessa’s Essence Natural Hair Care products are only available on this website, but they will be available in retail stores and other websites in the future.

Vanessa’s Essence Mission Statement

Vanessa’s Essence Natural Hair Care’s mission is to promote natural beauty in all young girls and raise awareness of bullying and other types of demeaning acts that girls may be exposed to. We want to inspire young girls all over the nation to embrace their natural hair and love themselves as they are.



Founder – Sabrina Kent