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Yucca Leaf Extract

Anti-inflammation, Anti-dandruff, Cleansing

Trametes Versicolor Extract

Benefit: Trametes Versicolor is a type of mushroom which contains the oxidative enzyme laccase.

Sugar Maple Extract

Benefit: An Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which is extract of the bark and sap of the sugar maple,

Strawberry Fruit Distillate

Benefit: Moisturizer

Sour Cherry Fruit Distillate

Benefit: Moisturizer

Rosemary leaf extract

Benefit: Herbal Additive. Rosemary leaf extract is a natural extract with purifying and anti-irritant properties.

Rice Bran Oil

Benefit: Promotes Healthy Hair Growth: The presence of ferulic acid and esters in rice bran oil help in stimulating hair growth.

Red Palm Oil

Benefit: The beta-carotene contained in the oil is a basis of vitamin A, which is easily absorbed by the scalp.

Pumpkin Extract

Pumpkin seed extract is a natural protein compound that is derived from pumpkin seeds.

Pro-Vitamin B5

Benefit: penetrates readily into skin & hair. Has good moisturizing & softening properties.


Benefit: Preservative. It has some conditioning and emollient properties

Organic Slippery Elm

Benefit: It’s great for healthy natural hair, especially 4C natural hair. It also Stimulates hair, naturally softens hair, soothes the scalp

Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

Benefit: The thick greenish oil also contains zinc and magnesium, which are two essential minerals for hair and skin care.

Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean

Benefit: Herbal Additive. Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) CO2 Extract – Certified Organic (Madagascar).

Organic Dutch Cocoa Powder

Benefit: In hair care, cocoa powder helps moisturize, soften, smooth and promotes shinier hair.

Organic Dark Chocolate Extract

Benefit: Herbal Additive