Mom and Vanessa Guests on Popular Talk Show “The Real”

Vanessa VanDyke and her mom Sabrina are special guests on the popular talk show The Real to talk about bullying and how her mom created a hair care line as a way to help build Vanessa’s confidence again and help other young girls just like Vanessa.

Kids Making a Difference: Anti-Bullying – Moms Fight Back

Vanessa Van Dyke, 13, a native of Florida, was teased because she wore her hair “natural.” The stigma of being different today has become more of a challenge than ever before and peer pressure among children often makes a child feel less than they are when they don’t follow the trends.   Click here to read…

Gawker Heroes: Vanessa Van Dyke

Vanessa VanDyke is the girl who last month refused to cut her long natural hair when her Orlando private school deemed it a “distraction.” VanDyke’s classmates had been teasing the 12-year-old about her hairstyle, so the administrative solution was to ask her to style it differently. VanDyke responded by saying she’d rather leave the school….

Essence: Vanessa Van Dyke is Bigger than Her Hair

You know what lunacy is? Lunacy is telling young Black girls to love themselves, embrace who they are, celebrate their unique individuality…and then beating them down when they attempt to do just that. You know what irony is? Irony is a Christian school—a Christian school—handing a 12-year-old the ultimatum to either alter the natural hair…